Transfer Admission Guarantee

Transfer simplified

The Transfer Admission Guarantee, or TAG, helps you plan and complete your Arizona community college coursework to meet the lower-division course requirements for your ASU major. When you complete the TAG, you’ll be on track and prepared for success in earning your bachelor’s degree. Choose from more than 350 majors at ASU.

Benefits of signing up for the TAG

  • a cost-effective, time-efficient pathway ensuring courses transfer and count toward an ASU degree
  • access your ASU transfer specialist and pre-enrollment services
  • online tools such as My ASU and the Transfer Credit Guide
  • receive ASU communications and event invitations

Terms of your agreement

  • work with your community college advisor and ASU transfer specialist to make academic progress
  • understand and meet admission requirements (learn about general university transfer admission requirements and requirements for your major)
  • complete the  community college coursework for the TAG in four years or less
  • agree that your academic data and advising information may be shared between your community college and ASU

Your path to ASU

  1. Complete the TAG agreement online.
  2. Use the TAG worksheet to track your college coursework.
    • Refer to ASU’s Degree Search to find the Major Map of required courses for your degree program.
    • Use the Transfer Credit Guide to ensure you’re taking the right courses at your community college to transfer to your major.
  3. Watch for communications from ASU. Be sure to check your mail and email.
  4. Continue your community college coursework and make steady progress academic progress.
  5. Connect with an ASU transfer specialist with any questions about transferring to ASU.
  6. Apply for admission to ASU at least one semester before you plan to transfer.
  7. Enroll in classes at ASU.

Plan your coursework

Here is information to help you get organized and plan for a successful transfer from your community college to ASU.

TAG worksheet

Use the TAG worksheet. If you have signed up for the TAG already, this worksheet will help you create a comprehensive list of the lower-division course requirements for your major.

Worksheet instructions

Follow these steps:

  1. Gather your college transcripts so you know what courses you have completed and what courses are in progress.
  2. Print the ASU Major Map for the current academic year. (Visit Degree Search and find your intended ASU major. Click on Major Map and print it.)
  3. On the ASU Major Map, highlight or circle all lower-division courses (all 100-level freshman courses and 200-level sophomore courses)
    Note: You don’t need to list ASU 101 (or an equivalent college-specific freshman seminar) on your worksheet. Specific transfer success courses are available during your first year at ASU.
  4. Add all the courses that were highlighted or circled to the TAG worksheet in column 1, “ASU Course”
  5. Visit the ASU Equivalency Search in the Transfer Credit Guide.
    Using this tool, enter each ASU course from column 1 to determine the equivalent course at your community college. Enter that course prefix and number in column 2, “Community College Course.” 
    Note: If you have taken courses at multiple institutions, please indicate the name of the institution column 3. Leave this column blank if you have courses from one college.
  6. Search for the listed courses on your college transcripts. If you passed the course with a “C” or better,  mark a “X” in column 4. If you’re currently enrolled in the course, mark an “I” for In Progress.
  7. For course that is not completed, please plan which semester you will enroll in the course. Indicate the term in column 5. The last column is what you still have to complete prior to transferring to the university.
    Note: Not all community colleges offer all of ASU’s lower-division coursework. Once you complete all the available courses for your major at the your community college, then it’s time to talk to your ASU transfer specialist and get ready to transfer.

Learn how credits from other colleges and universities will transfer to ASU and how they’re applied to your ASU degree program. A maximum of 64 credit hours will be accepted as lower-division credit when transferring from a regionally accredited Arizona community, junior or two-year college, with the exception of some special programs. Transfer Credit Guide | Degree Search

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