Alliance Merit Scholarships

New transfer students from a Maricopa Community College who have completed an associate degree with a minimum cumulative transfer GPA of 3.75 or higher will be considered for the Alliance Merit Scholarship. Priority consideration will be given in order of cumulative transfer GPA as well as date of initial application. Additional consideration will be given to those students who are admitted to Barrett, the Honors College.

The Alliance Merit Scholarship may be awarded to students who are starting at ASU in the fall. Students with a completed admission application on file at ASU by April 1 will be considered for this scholarship opportunity. Official copies of transcripts indicating completion of the associate degree or “associate degree in progress” must be received by ASU on or before June 1. Please note that students must apply for graduation at their community college and request that their transcripts be sent to ASU after their degrees are completed.

Scholarship funding is limited and varies based on the quality of the incoming class of transfer students. Therefore, not all students who fall into the consideration range will be awarded.

New transfer students are eligible to receive one institutional merit award (e.g., Alliance Merit Scholarship, New American University Transfer Scholarship). In the event you qualify for more than one merit award, ASU will apply the award with the highest dollar value.

For more information about this scholarship, including deadlines and eligibility requirements, please contact us.

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