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Guaranteed Program for Admission: California community college students

Guaranteed Admisson

Stay focused on earning your bachelor’s degree. You now have the opportunity for a smooth pathway to Arizona State University.  

If you’re studying at a partnering California community college, sign up for the Guaranteed Program for Admission, which allows you to plan for your guaranteed admission to ASU.

Your path to ASU. Three easy steps.

  1. Complete the sign-up form for the Guaranteed Program for Admission.
  2. Apply for admission to ASU when you’re ready to transfer.
  3. Enroll in classes at ASU to achieve your bachelor’s degree.

See what California students are saying about ASU in this brief video.

Requirements for the Program

Admission Requirements

General university admission is guaranteed upon successfully meeting the following conditions:*

  • completion of at least 24 transferable semester credits with a minimum cumulative transfer GPA of 3.00 (4.00=”A”) plus either a final high school transcript or GED
  • a fully certified Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC), or California State University General Education (CSU GE) with a minimum cumulative transfer GPA of 2.50 plus either a final high school transcript or GED
  • an associate degree with a minimum cumulative transfer GPA of 2.50

You will also need to submit an ASU admission application, including any additional documents required, such as official college transcripts. (International students must provide a financial guarantee and evidence of English language proficiency.) See below for application timelines.

If you’re curious how a course will transfer to ASU, check our Transfer Credit Guide.

*Some ASU colleges and schools have additional or higher requirements for admission into their programs. If you select a major with additional or higher requirements, ASU’s transfer specialists can explain them. Visit Degree Search for more information about your degree.

Terms and Agreements

When you sign up, you are acknowledging the terms and agreements of the program.

  • You are attending a partnering California community college.
  • Your community college and ASU may share your admission and transcript information with each other.
  • You are subject to all policies, rules and conditions of each institution (your community college and ASU).
  • You have read the above university admission requirements for the Guaranteed Program for Admission.
  • You understand the timeline for transferring to ASU and must attend ASU within three semesters after signing up for the Guaranteed Program for Admission.
  • You are aware of the benefits available to you through the Guaranteed Program for Admission.

If you have any questions about the program, contact Diane Orellana, ASU's transfer specialist for California students. Complete the sign-up form now.

Timeline for the Program

Your path to ASU is simple.

Sign up for the Guaranteed Program for Admission. Continue your community college course work until you’re ready to apply to ASU.
Complete your pathway and enroll at ASU within four consecutive semesters


1. Sign up for the Guaranteed Program for Admission.

  • When completing the agreement form, you must indicate your top two ASU degree programs of interest. Why? When you apply to ASU, you will be required to choose two majors that interest you. Some academic programs have higher admission requirements, so students must identify their second choice, in case they do not meet the admission requirements of their first choice.

    After signing the agreement, ASU will present you with the admission requirements for each of the two degree programs for the current catalog year.

  • As part of the agreement, ASU will honor the requirements for both general university admission assurance and the specific degree program admission requirements for the agreement catalog year. (Normally, students who transfer to ASU follow the catalog year for the term they are admitted to the university.) However, your catalog year will reflect the date you sign the agreement, not the date you enroll at ASU. This allows you to prepare for the exact requirements of your preferred degree program while at community college.

2. Apply for admission to ASU.

  • Upon signing the agreement form for the Guaranteed Program for Admission, you have up to three additional consecutive semesters to continue classes at the community college before you must begin your studies at ASU. (If you sign the agreement during summer or winter session, the following fall/spring semester will count as the first semester of the agreement.) So, it is important to sign the agreement when you are within your last four semesters at the community college. This is the maximum time limit. You are encouraged to transfer sooner if you are ready and have completed the requirements.
         Example (up to five consecutive semesters maximum):
    1. spring semester - sign the agreement
    2. fall semester – continue community college course work
    3. spring semester - continue community college course work
    4. fall semester - complete community college courses and apply for admission to ASU
    5. spring semester – enroll in classes at ASU

    You may sign up for the program and apply to ASU in the same semester. This means you can start studying at ASU as early as the semester after you sign up. You are encouraged to apply early. Once the application is available online for the semester you intend to transfer, you may apply!

  • You may apply for any active ASU degree program at the time of transfer. You must meet the requirements for admission in your agreement catalog year.* (Your catalog year will not change even if you apply to a different major than you indicated when you signed the program agreement.) On the application, you will need to indicate your first-choice major and your second-choice major.

3. Enroll at ASU.

The sooner you apply to ASU and are admitted, the sooner you can register for your first-semester of classes at the university and be well on your way to earning your bachelor’s degree. Meanwhile, stay connected with ASU and be informed about what’s happening at the university through social media, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Foursquare.

Benefits of the Program

Take advantage of the following benefits that are specific to the Guaranteed Program for Admission for California students:

  • guidance from ASU on which courses to take while attending your community college
  • priority consideration for ASU’s New American University Scholarship program upon admission to the university
  • acceptance of IGETC/CSU GE course work toward meeting the associated ASU lower-division General Studies requirements
  • transfer of any articulated course work to the university
  • access to the classes at ASU, during the semester you need them
  • free university resources that will help you stay on track toward graduation
  • a university commitment for your catalog to be the year in which the agreement is signed rather than the year of your admission to the university

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