How To Use The Transfer Credit Guide

You can transfer your college course to ASU if it meets all of the following requirements:

  • it comes from a regionally accredited institution
  • it is a 100-level course or above
  • you earned a grade of “C” or above
  • an equivalent ASU course exists

The Transfer Credit Guide shows how courses from other postsecondary institutions transfer to ASU.


Start using the Transfer Credit Guide

Click on the Transfer Credit Guide. Create an account or sign in and fill out the course criteria — state, school, course prefix, course number — and click Search. If there’s a match, you’ll see the ASU course equivalency.

Transfer credit guide screenshot



If you don’t get a match, you’ll see one of the following:

  • Non transferable (course will not transfer) 

  • No Records Found (no one has transferred this course from the listed institution; course may or may not transfer)

Transfer credit guide screenshot



How to submit a course for evaluation

If no record of the course is found, you may submit it for evaluation. In the Transfer Credit Guide, click Submit Course for Evaluation and fill out the form.

You’ll be required to upload the syllabus from your requested course. Once the course is evaluated, it will be added to our database for the next person who searches for the course.

Although not an official credit evaluation, this is a helpful way for you to check how your credits will transfer. You can also use this tool to check CLEP, AP and similar credit-by-exam test scores.




Major Map:

After you find out how your courses transfer, review the major map for your program to see how the courses apply toward your ASU major. Major maps can be found using Degree Search.

Transfer credit guide screenshot



Degree search screenshot