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ASU consistently ranks as the top school in Arizona for academic programs, affordability and innovation.

Whether you are just starting out at the community college or are nearing completion of your associate degree, ASU will provide you with the tools and advice to help you transfer to and thrive at ASU.


Transfer to ASU and take classes at Eastern Arizona College. You can earn an ASU bachelor’s degree without leaving the Gila Valley. Your ASU classes will be available at EAC and will be delivered in person or in a hybrid format, which blends in-person and online instruction.

Programs offered at EAC are in high-demand due to job opportunities in the local area. You’re encouraged to sign the TAG agreement for the major you wish to pursue so you can save time and money as you work toward your bachelor’s degree. Read details about the Transfer Admission Guarantee below.

Degrees offered at ASU@TheGilaValley:

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Organizational Leadership (BA)
Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Leadership (BAS)
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN-CEP)
Bachelor of Education in Secondary Education (BAE)

Learn more about ASU@TheGilaValley and the  reduced ASU tuition rate.

Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG)

The Transfer Admission Guarantee, or TAG, helps you plan and complete your community college coursework to meet the lower-division course requirements for you ASU major, When you complete the TAG, you’ll be on track and prepared for success in earning your bachelor’s degree. Choose from more than 350 majors at ASU.

If you signed a TAG agreement prior to summer 2017, find your degree program outline.

Benefits of signing up for the TAG

  • guaranteed acceptance to your ASU degree program when all TAG requirements are met
  • a cost-effective, time-efficient pathway ensuring courses transfer and count toward an ASU degree
  • access your ASU transfer specialist and pre-enrollment services
  • ability to use the Transfer Credit Guide
  • receive ASU communications and event invitations

Terms of your agreement

  • work with your community college advisor and ASU transfer specialist to make academic progress
  • understand and meet admission requirements (learn about general university transfer admission requirements and requirements for your major)
  • complete the community college coursework for the TAG and transfer to ASU within four years
  • agree that your academic data and advising information may be shared between your community college and ASU

Your path to ASU

  1. Complete the TAG agreement online.
  2. Use the TAG worksheet to track your college coursework.
    • Refer to ASU’s Degree Search to find the Major Map of required courses for your degree program.
    • Use the Transfer Credit Guide to ensure you’re taking the right courses at your community college to transfer to your major.
  3. Watch for communications from ASU. Be sure to check your mail and email.
  4. Continue your community college coursework and make steady academic progress.
  5. Connect with an ASU transfer specialist with any questions about transferring to ASU.
  6. Apply for admission to ASU at least one semester before you plan to transfer.
  7. Enroll in classes at ASU.

Degree Search

Learn about ASU bachelor’s degree programs with Degree Search. Take time to research careers associated with a particular degree, the locations where the degree is available, and requirements for the degree. You can also compare degrees side-by-side. Print the Major Map to help you plan your community college coursework.

Your coursework

Want to know what courses to take at the community college that will transfer to your ASU major? View the TAG information page to understand which lower-division courses you need to complete at your community college before transferring to ASU. And use the worksheet to to help you get organized and plan for a successful transfer to ASU.

Below are ASU programs that have special degree requirements. If you are pursuing one of these degree programs, please reference these course outlines.

AAS to BAS: Bachelor of Applied Science

If you have an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree, learn more about earning a Bachelor of Applied Science at ASU.

Tools and Resources

ASU provides a number of tools and resources to support transfer student success.

Degree Search 
Explore ASU majors and minors to find a degree program that matches your talents, interests and career goals. Search by keyword, area of interest or campus location.

Transfer Credit Guide 
Learn how credits from other colleges and universities that you have attended will transfer to ASU. Search for ASU course equivalencies or request a transfer course evaluation. Search by ASU courses to determine whether your institution offers equivalent courses.

Career and Professional Development Services 
As a student who signed a TAG agreement, you can access ASU career services, career advising, career assessment and job search tools. You will need your ASURITE UserID and password to access these resources. Note that some services have fees.

Transfer Fridays
Make an appointment to meet an ASU transfer specialist any Friday that works best for your schedule.

TAG Worksheet
This worksheet will help you understand which lower-division course requirements are complete, in progress and still need to be taken at your community college before transferring to ASU.

Have Questions or Need Assistance?

ASU transfer specialists are available to help you understand the TAG and provide support as you prepare for your transition to ASU. Contact an ASU transfer specialist.

Check this appointment calendar to find out when an ASU representative is available to meet with you. Appointments are available by phone, Skype or in-person.

General Transfer

You can transfer to ASU at any time and complete a bachelor’s degree in one of more than 350 undergraduate programs. Please review transfer admission requirements, search ASU degree programs, and check out the Transfer Credit Guide to see how your college credits will transfer to ASU.