Maroon and Golden State

Why Arizona State University?

You know how Silicon Valley is the innovation capital of the tech world? ASU is like the Silicon Valley of higher education. U.S. News & World Report named us the #1 school in the country for innovation because we’re constantly rethinking and reinventing how you learn. And ASU offers a challenging yet rewarding academic experience. In fact, the Academic Ranking of World Universities named us among the top 100 universities in the world.

California student approved

Most ASU students are from Arizona, of course, but did you know that many California students choose ASU?  More than 10,000 current students are from California. Ask most of them if they made the right choice coming to ASU, and they’ll tell you they did. That includes Kelly Parker, a junior from Valencia majoring in psychology. “I like that ASU is filled with opportunities. Because ASU has such a wide array of cultures that attend, you are bound to fit in somewhere. There is no reason to feel alone. There are countless clubs to join along with so many job opportunities, internship possibilities, and activities that get you to participate and enjoy the college experience to the fullest extent. I could not imagine going to any other college and having a better experience.”

ASU’s thriving California alumni

 Forty-thousand ASU alumni are from California. Lauren Wong of Glendale is one of them. She graduated in 2015 with a degree in journalism and mass communication and works for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Los Angeles.

As a user experience designer, Lauren helps create applications that make information more manageable for data scientists and software to help law officers search the deepest parts of the Web. She says, “At ASU, I learned how to ask questions, interview people and translate an idea or story into something tangible. My job is basically about asking questions, listening, breaking down and connecting ideas, and putting it into something tangible.”

Become career-ready at ASU

Gainful employment, not painful employment

Like most students, you’re probably going to college so you can take the next step in your career and live the life you want. That’s why ASU prepares you for success not only academically, but also with Career Services that gets you working-world ready. Some highlights:

The Wall Street Journal ranks ASU fifth in the nation for producing the best-qualified graduates.
All of Arizona’s Fortune 500 companies are located in Greater Phoenix, which means more opportunities for internships and professional development.
ASU is a top 20 university for graduates landing a job in Silicon Valley, along with Stanford, UC Berkeley and UCLA.


We saved you a seat

Not being able to get a class you need to graduate is frustrating. It happens at some schools, but not at ASU. We make sure the classes you need to graduate are open the semester you need to take them. If a class fills up, we open another one. And you’ll know exactly which courses you need to take, and when, through major maps, which you can find in Degree Search and your academic advisor. 


You deserve the most value for your money

ASU offers an outstanding education at a pretty reasonable cost. Still, college is expensive. That’s why we recommend — no, we insist — that you try to get as much financial aid as you can. A great place to start is to file a FAFSA and search for scholarships.