Guaranteed Program for Admission

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Brigham Young University – Idaho to ASU: Guaranteed Program for Admission


ASU, ranked one of the top public universities in the nation and the world, is a great choice for students to complete their bachelor’s degrees.

BYU-Idaho students who wish to transfer to ASU will choose one of the following two transfer options:

  • The Guaranteed Program for Admission (or GPA) is for students wishing to transfer from BYU-Idaho with course-by-course equivalencies who have achieved at least 24 transferable credits and up to 60 transferable lower-division credits with a minimum 2.50 grade point average.


  • The Associate of Applied Science to Bachelor of Applied Science Program (AAS to BAS) for students who have completed an Associate of Applied Science from BYU-Idaho and who want to complete a Bachelor of Applied Science in a complementary discipline at ASU. BYU-Idaho students who complete their AAS will receive 60 credits in transfer towards a complementary BAS degree at ASU, thus requiring a maximum of 60 additional credits to complete their BAS at ASU.

ASU’s Guaranteed Program for Admission

The Guaranteed Program for Admission helps you plan for a smooth transfer to ASU and stay focused on earning your bachelor’s degree. This program is designed for students who achieve at least 24 transferable lower-division credits and up to 60 transferable lower-division credits with a minimum of a 2.5 grade point average. Some majors will require a higher grade point average or other special requirements.

You will first determine which ASU degree you wish to pursue using ASU’s Degree Search tool. Then, you’ll use ASU’s Transfer Credit Guide to determine the courses at BYU-Idaho that are equivalent to the needed ASU courses.

Benefits of signing up for the program

  • guaranteed acceptance to your ASU degree program when all Guaranteed Program for Admission requirements are met
  • a cost-effective and time-efficient pathway ensuring courses transfer and apply to an ASU degree
  • access to an ASU transfer specialist and pre-enrollment services
  • online tools such as My ASU and the Transfer Credit Guide
  • ASU communications and event invitations

Terms of your agreement

  • work with your BYU-Idaho advisor and your ASU transfer specialist to monitor your progress.
  • understand and meet admission requirements (learn about general university transfer admission requirements and requirements for your major)
  • complete the BYU-Idaho coursework for the GPA in three years or less from the point when you sign up for the program with ASU
  • agree that your academic data and advising information may be shared between BYU-Idaho and ASU.

Your path to ASU

  1. Complete the agreement online.
  2. Use the worksheet to track your college coursework.
    • Refer to ASU’s Degree Search to find the Major Map of required courses for your degree program.
    • Use the Transfer Credit Guide to ensure you’re taking the right courses at BYU-Idaho to transfer to your major.
  3. Watch for communications from ASU. Be sure to check your mail and email.
  4. Continue your college coursework and make steady academic progress.
  5. Connect with your ASU transfer specialist with any questions about transferring to ASU.
  6. Apply for admission to ASU at least one semester before you plan to transfer.
  7. Enroll in classes at ASU.

AAS to BAS: Bachelor of Applied Science

If you’re pursuing an Associate of Applied Science from BYU-Idaho, then an ASU Bachelor of Applied Science degree might be the perfect fit for you. This program allows you to transfer 60 credit hours from your Associate of Applied Science degree toward a compatible Bachelor of Applied Science at ASU, with guaranteed admission if you have earned at least a 2.5 grade point average from BYU-Idaho.

Identify the AAS degree you are currently earning at BYU-Idaho and determine your preference for your BAS. Soon we will have a sign-up form available. Keep making progress on your AAS degree and check back here in a couple of months to sign up for this program.

If you’re interested in earning a BAS degree, please complete this interest form.

BYU-Idaho AAS Degree ASU BAS Degree Options
AAS, Administrative Assistant/Office Manager BAS, Applied Science
BAS, Technical Communication
AAS, Business Management BAS, Applied Science
BAS, Technical Communication
AAS, Computer Programming BAS, Software and Computing Systems
BAS, Applied Science
BAS, Technical Communication
AAS, Engineering Technology BAS, Operations Management
BAS, Applied Science
BAS, Technical Communication
AAS, Family History Research BAS, Technical Communication
BAS, Applied Science
AAS, Web Design and Development BAS, Internet and Web Design
BAS, Technical Communication

Tools and Resources 

ASU provides a number of tools and resources to support transfer student success.

Degree Search
Explore ASU majors and minors to find a degree program that matches your talents, interests and career goals. Search by keyword, area of interest or campus location.

Transfer Credit Guide
Learn how credits from BYU-Idaho other colleges and universities that you have attended will transfer to ASU. Search for ASU course equivalencies or request a transfer course evaluation. Search by ASU courses to determine whether your institution offers equivalent courses.

Career and Professional Development Services
As a participant in the Guaranteed Program for Admission, you can access ASU career services, career advising, career assessment and job search tools. You will need your ASURITE UserID and password to access these resources. Note that some services have fees.

Religious and Spiritual
ASU is home to two LDS Institutes of Religion, one in Tempe and one at the Polytechnic campus. The Tempe Institute is one of the largest in the country.

Visit ASU
Make an appointment to meet an ASU transfer specialist at one of the four campuses in the Phoenix area during Transfer Fridays. And schedule an Experience ASU campus tour.